Computer Science Programs Use Mobile Apps To Make Coursework Relevant

The Washington Post | March, 2011

As Virginia Tech and other universities train a new generation of computer scientists, professors are asking students to create programs that address real-life problems, often through handy, smartphone-ready apps.
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Computational Thinking: What and Why?

Jeannette M. Wing | November, 2010

…I used the term “computational thinking” to articulate a vision that everyone, not just those who major in computer science, can benefit from thinking like a computer scientist [Wing06].  So, what is computational thinking?
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Computer Science Education Getting Short Shrift, Study Finds

Education Week: Curriculum Matters | October, 2010

As the digital economy grows, America’s K-12 computer science education is fading.
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Thousands of Abby Sunderlands In Our Midst

LA Times | June, 2010

Countless kids are forced to navigate neighborhoods as fearsome as 20-foot waves to get to school, who are sailing solo in their pursuit of excellence. And no one races to their rescue when trouble hits.
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Inspecting the STEM Pipeline

Education Week: Curriculum Matters | November, 2009

Last week I wrote about a study that drew some intriguing conclusions about the state of the “pipeline” of students entering math and science studies and fields…
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President Obama Delivers Remarks at Hudson Valley Community College

Washington Post | September, 2009

Obama remarks on innovation and technology in schools.
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Arne Duncan Speaks at the National Science Teachers Association Conference | March, 2009

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan addresses current issues in education, including higher standards, data systems, turning around underperforming schools, and teacher quality.
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Christian Science Monitor: Teacher Training

The Christian Science Monitor | March, 2009

Some policymakers say the focus needs to be on improving traditional education schools, while others are advocates of so-called alternative models, which can speed up entry into the profession…
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Seattle Post: CS classes gets their groove back: Now that finance is out, coding is cool again

Seattle Post | March, 2009

Student enrollment in computer science rose this year for the first time in six years — marking the first uptick since the dot com boom, according to a new study from the Computing Research Association…
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Teens and The Internet

Pew Internet & American Life Project | January, 2009

This is a 38-slide PowerPoint written by Lee Rainie, Director of Pew Internet Project in DC, that gives some statistics about teenagers’ current use of technology. For example, even though email is only 22 years old, 87% of teenagers use it. It follows the life of a teenager from ages 4-19.
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President Obama Delivers Remarks on the Economy

Washington Post | August, 2005

Obama remarks improving technology use in classrooms.
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Computer science programs use mobile apps to make coursework relevant