Exploring Computer Science is excited to announce that starting in spring 2018, we will be offering an additional curriculum option for Unit 6: E-Textiles. According to Dr. Yasmin B. Kafai, a leading researcher on the topic, “e-textiles are articles of cloth­ing, home furnishings, or architectures that include embedded computational and electronic elements.” The ECS team has partnered with Dr. Kafai and Dr. Deborah Fields to develop another research-based unit for teachers to implement if they feel it would speak to their students.

Dr. Kafai is a professor at University of Pennsylvania in both the Graduate School of Education and the Computer and Information Science department in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. She has been authoring books and research articles on computer science education, gaming, and related equity topics since 1995. For more information about her work and e-textiles, visit www.yasminkafai.com. Dr. Fields has done research at UCLA and University of Pennsylvania and is now a professor at Utah State University in the Department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. Learn more about her here. Information about the grant that funds this project can be found on stelar, the STEM Learning and Research Center.

Check out some of the amazing things e-textiles can do below!

Interactive Light Painting: Pu Gong Ying Tu (Dandelion Painting) from Jie Qi on Vimeo.


SHOWPIECE from Ylenia Gortana on Vimeo.


From “How to work with conductive fabric” on Instructables.com.