Computer Science 4 High School (CS4HS)

January 11, 2014 Event

March 16, 2013 Event

For our March 16 event we explored intellectual property law as a lead-in to an introduction of the new Copyright Alert System connecting to issues of privacy, encryption, and “cybersecurity.” Files from this event can be accessed below.CS4HS Professional Development March16, 2013

Earlier Events

On January 26, 2013 the ECS team held a Google CS4HS sponsored event with Professor Jody Paul focusing on the topic of Artificial Intelligence, a topic with links to ECS and the forthcoming CS Principles course. High-school teachers from the Los Angeles area explored the topic of AI through the book “Can Animals and Machines Be Persons,” the creation of projects and discussions of best practices in teaching CS. Materials from the event can be accessed below.

On February 15, 2012 the ECS team hosted district leaders from LAUSD and partners from UCLA, NSF, and Google for an event focused on supporting computer science education in Los Angeles high schools. The keynote speaker was Jan Cuny of NSF who gave a talk titled “CS 10K Project: Transforming High School Computing for a 21st Century Workforce.” The slides of her presentation can be found below.

Download CS 10K Project Slides (4.4 MB)

To read more about supporting high school computer science please take a look at the following sources IEEE – Transforming Computer Science Education in High Schools as well as[]=4&sort_by=field_staff_pick_value_value&sort_order=DESC&items_per_page=10.

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