Our mission is to democratize computer science knowledge nationally by increasing learning opportunities at the high school level for all students, with a specific focus on access for traditionally underrepresented students. To do so we developed K-12/university partnerships that support research and expand the availability of learning opportunities by working on changes at multiple levels:

  • Technical (curriculum, availability of technology, counselor education);
  • Belief systems (stereotypes about what type of student can do computer science, low expectations);
  • Political (policy changes that must occur to institutionalize computer science learning at the high school level, especially in schools with high numbers of students of color);
  • Pedagogical (supporting the development of teachers who use inclusive, culturally sustaining and inquiry-based teaching practices).

We partner to deepen the capacity of individual schools and school districts to support these reforms while developing a model and repository of effective practices that can help spread and inform our continuing efforts.