In addition to the curriculum guide, ECS’s new E-Textiles unit includes a Technical Guide and an organized file package of supporting code and handouts. All of these are available for download as part of our .zip package. Get a sneak peek of these resources below.

Tech Guide cover for web

Technical Guide Table of Contents

  • Examples of Electronic Textiles
  • Ethical and Safety Issues
Basics: Circuits, Crafting, Coding
  • Circuitry
  • Sewing
  • Coding
  • Connecting the Circuit Playground to the Computer
  • Electrical Problems
  • Code Problems — Compile Errors
  • Code Problems — Logical Errors
  • Electronic textile materials and tools
  • Crafting materials and tools
Ideas & Inspiration
  • Do-It-Yourself Sensors
  • Electronic Textiles Design Ideas

Example Pages from the Technical Guide

Introduction to sewing, including step-by-step guides to different types of stitches and what’s unique about conductive thread

Troubleshooting help for compile errors and deciphering error messages

Example Pages from the File Package

The file package comes with student handouts that correspond with each lesson, as well as the solutions for teacher use.

Many units include sample or starter code. Code comes in both .txt and .ino file formats.