Despite the fact that computer science (CS) is the driver of technological innovations across all disciplines and aspects of our lives, including participatory media, high school CS too commonly fails to incorporate the perspectives and concerns of low income students of color. This article by members of the Exploring Computer Science team (Jean Ryoo, Jane Margolis, Clifford Lee, Cueponcaxochitl D.M. Sandoval, and Joanna Goode) provides a counter-narrative to this problem. […]

Members of the ECS team were recently published in ACM Inroads. ACM Inroads is a magazine intended for professionals interested in advancing computing education in the world. The article is titled Beyond access: Broadening participation in high school computer science. “Broadening participation” and “equity” are now common parlance among computer science reform educators who are challenging the underrepresentation in computer science. However, what do we all mean by these words […]