Experiencing gender inequity led Margolis to advocate for computer science education for underrepresented students. By Joanie Harmon, published Jan. 7, 2013 on UCLA Ed & IS Ampersand. Jane Margolis, one of the driving forces behind Exploring Computer Science, speaks from personal experience about her commitment to making computer science accessible for all students, particularly students of color in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). She says that her earlier […]

Members of the ECS team were recently published in ACM Inroads. ACM Inroads is a magazine intended for professionals interested in advancing computing education in the world. The article is titled Beyond access: Broadening participation in high school computer science. “Broadening participation” and “equity” are now common parlance among computer science reform educators who are challenging the underrepresentation in computer science. However, what do we all mean by these words […]

A new Oakland-based non-profit thinks so. And it’s breaking down the “brogrammer” stereotype, one website at a time. By Julianne Hing, published July 31, 2012 on Colorlines. Jane Margolis of the ECS team and her research detailed in Stuck in the Shallow End are cited in this article about Black Girls Code, an Oakland-based non-profit educational initiative to introduce girls of color to the world of computers and technology. Aita […]

The tech industry is one of the few bright spots in a dim economy. So why aren’t we teaching kids the skills they need to participate in it? By Keith Wagstaff, published July 16, 2012 in Time Magazine. Exploring Computer Science was recently featured in a Time Magazine — Techland article on computer science education in America. The article includes statements from ECS teachers Anthony Pagan and Elaine Blomeyer along […]

Joanna Goode, Gail Chapman and Jane Margolis of the Exploring Computer Science team recently had their article titled Beyond Curriculum: The Exploring Computer Science Program published in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) journal Inroads June 2012 issue (Vol. 3, No.2). Inroads is a magazine intended for professionals interested in advancing computing education in the world. The article provides the background of the ECS program, an overview of key elements, […]

By Andra Lim, published April 18, 2010 on the UCLA Daily Bruin. Until this semester, high school junior Sharon Friedman used her computer to do homework and socialize with friends. But when she started taking Exploring Computer Science, a class created by UCLA in partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District, she began to see that computers are more than just a portal to the Internet. Read the article

Partnership with LAUSD addresses need for high-quality CS instruction. By Shaena Engle, published October 1, 2009 on the UCLA Newsroom. UCLA’s Graduate School of Education & Information Studies has been awarded a $2.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to fund a professional development program for computer science teachers in Los Angeles high schools. The new program, Teachers Are Key, brings together education reform researchers and faculty from UCLA and the […]

In the opening keynote of the CS & IT 2009 Symposium for the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), Jane Margolis and Joanna Goode discuss their research on why so few African-American, Latino/a, and female high school students are learning computer science. Read more and watch the video Read more about the symposium