By Miles O’Brien, Science Nation Correspondent and Ann Kellan, Science Nation Producer, on the National Science Foundation’s Science Nation magazine, Sept. 2, 2014. “Exploring Computer Science” boosts female student participation in L.A. school district to double the national average. Jane Margolis is an educator and researcher at UCLA, who has dedicated her career to democratizing computer science education and addressing under-representation in the field. Her work inspires students from diverse […]

By Tom Kalil and Farnam Jahanian, published December 11, 2013. The National Science Foundation (NSF), with its long legacy of nurturing communities of research and education practitioners, is leading a transformation in CS education and learning at the national scale. NSF’s CS 10K Project aims to build the foundation needed to get engaging, rigorous academic computer science courses into 10,000 schools taught by 10,000 well-prepared teachers. To begin this, NSF […]

Exploring Computer Science was recently mentioned in a Smithsonian article on Educating Americans for the 21st Century… Special Report: Educating Americans for the 21st Century Kids may know their way around a computer, but in order to get a job in the new economy, they will have to know how to write a program, not just use one. By Peg Tyre, published May 23, 2013 on “What the computer […]